Code faster than ever before.

Context-aware documentation search without leaving your IDE.


Find python documentation fast.

Switch seamlessly between Python and plain English to write the code you need, then let PySearch do the rest. PySearch is context-aware by design, meaning it can give you more relevant results than ordinary search.

code thinking
dev focus

Improves with every use.

PySearch learns from its interactions with developers around the world, allowing it to continuously improve recommendations it brings directly into the IDE.

Supported IDEs


  • Unlimited queries
  • Python standard library
  • Email support
Per user, per month
  • All PySearch Basic features
  • Python data science/ML libraries
  • Adjustable context flag
  • Email/phone/chat support
Per user, per month
  • All PySearch Developer features
  • Custom model on your codebase
  • Private cloud instance (additional)
  • Aggregated query analytics
Per user, per month

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